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Getting Away To Romantic Places  

When you are trying to create any atmosphere, the location plays a very important role.To create a romantic atmosphere requires the appropriate location, also. No one wants to be proposed to on a building site. Romantic places may be of the traditional kind or they could be more unconventional. The classics are usually appreciated, such as an intimate candlelit dinner at a restaurant, perhaps sat at a table in an alcove. Transportation to the restaurant in a stretch limo with champagne on ice would add a very nice touch to the proceedings.

Going to a five star hotel is another surefire winner, especially if the suite contains a four poster bed, Jacuzzi and vases filled with red roses. A gourmet breakfast for two is often included. Many honeymooners travel to Niagara Falls, known for its hotels with heart shaped beds. Hotels in castles are another option for romantic places. A couples day at a spa, taking relaxing treatments, has been a more recent addition to romantic places.

Ofcourse how much you can spend and budgeting has to be taken into consideration when you are looking for romantic places but not everything has to be expensive. There are some affordable ideas that are just as romantic and the couple may want to keep it simple anyway. As romantic places go, a walk on the beach in the moonlight is free and extremely hard to beat. A horse drawn carriage ride through the park in springtime won't cost much money. A picnic by the river is a lovely gesture and could involve champagne, strawberries and tasty nibbles.

Choosing unusual places to propose has become very popular, as has selecting romantic places to wed. Even hot air balloons have played their part. Getting married can also be done in your own garden and it can be made special with a rose strewn canopy for the ceremony. Romantic places are also required for Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries.

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Sometimes, it's good to get away and spend time in a city, known for romance. This often leads us to Paris, still at the top of the list for romantic places. It's something about the pavement cafes, the accordion players and the French chansons of broken hearts. Venice is another of those romantic places that is a regular destination for lovers, drawn to the sight of couples floating along on gondolas. Other couples prefer to ride on the Orient Express or go trekking in Tibet. Everyone has their own personal take on what romantic places should be.

Most major hotels offer special packages for people on honeymoon and for Valentines weekends. They may just have a romantic weekend getaway deal. If money is no object, there are the cruise deals for the ultimate in romantic places. Sailing to the sun kissed beaches of the Caribbean is a gesture on a big scale. The sunset should be worth it.




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